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NOVOMATIC's commitment for Rimini

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NOVOMATIC corporate responsibility commitment is expressed supporting cultural, scientific and sports-related initiatives. This commitment has been shown in the Group's 11 years of activity in Italy chosing numerous initiatives related to the community, with particular interest in the places where we are present with our commercial and industrial presence, such as Rimini, the place where just over a decade ago we took our first steps. Among these, of particular importance was the sponsorship of Rimini Football Club. NOVOMATIC and Rimini Calcio have been a winning combination, a synergy that contributed to bringing the team back to professional football in the spring of 2018.

After the complete ban on advertising and sponsorship for the gaming company, the withdrawal of the team's sponsorship has become a media case, such for the other important sport event sponsored by NOVOMATIC Italia, Rimini Marathon. The paradigm has changed, in compliance with the new legal provisions, and the possibility is to move to charity or to become patrons, in the Latin sense of the term, with the Art Bonus: according to art. 1 of Legislative Decree no. 83 of 31.5.2014, "Urgent provisions for the protection of cultural heritage, the development of culture and the revival of tourism", converted with amendments into Law n. 106 of 29/07/2014 and subsequent amendments, a tax credit has been introduced for donations in cash to support culture and entertainment as an intervention of patronage in favor of cultural heritage.

So NOVOMATIC Italia, confirms its commitment to the city of Rimini, supporting the City in the reconstruction of the historic grandstand of the stadium "Romeo Neri". The municipal stadium is surely one of the main sporting centers of the city which, as a whole, has acquired a sporting function as well as of aggregation and meeting, certainly wider and multidisciplinary, hosting on average, every day, five hundred sportsmen - including athletes, young people, students, enthusiasts - without counting the relative escorts or spectators.

To carry out the works, a subscription was opened until the sum of € 410,000 was reached. NOVOMATIC Italia has contributed with a liberal grant of 40,000 euros: supporting the community, through one of the main sports centers, means guaranteeing the city a place of aggregation and meeting, and supporting one of the territories in which NOVOMATIC operates, produces and lives.

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