NOVOMATIC returns to Enada Primavera: all the Group's new products and offers for the Italian market

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New products made in Italy, commercial offers and enhancement services: every gaming powered by ADMIRAL's brands. From new acquisitions to the Millennium challenge, passing through the "Responsible Gaming" mission.

ROME, 16 March 2016. NOVOMATIC group returns to Enada in the spring edition starting today at the Fiera di Rimini with all the commercial offer of the Admiral brands and new products designed for the Italian market, added to the most successful ones of its production worldwide. The stand tells the Group story in Italy from 2007 to today, as well as its mission of being a 360° supplier for the whole gaming world.

"The experience gained in all the countries where we are present is the aspect that more than any other distinguishes us in the Italian market", explained Franco Rota, Chairman of  NOVOMATIC Group in Italy. "The acquisitions from the first to the last in these years tell of the company's desire to understand the Italian market well in order to better satisfy the needs of our customers".

THE PRODUCTION IN ITALY - The center of Rimini, already active for a year and a half thanks to the complete integration of the historic brand of So.Ge.Ma, and Busto Arstizio, started a few months ago, are the strategic consolidation of production and industrial activities. 15 thousand square metres in addition to the 14 production, research and development plants, from the headquarters near Vienna, to those in Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. At the product level in the two centres, the units are assembled according to the combinations between cabinets and game boards, already approved by the legislator for the Italian market, as well as the whole NOVOCASH money changer line, in an even more technologically enriched version and with a new VLTs model. The Electrosystem, known as ELSY, the historical games board builder from Imola, is the latest acsuisition into Group's structure. NOVOMATIC distributes its complete range of new products: 15 homologated titles with 70% pay-out and the same number in the final homologation phase.

COMMERCIAL OFFER – At the trade show will be exposed the many possible commercial combinations for the whole range of products that have made NOVOMATIC successful in Italy to date. The VLT NOVOLINE, the leading product of the Group in Italy, will be present with all the approved games and the 3 types of FV Cabinet line, but also the great news coming directly from the ICE in London, the new V.I.P. CHAIR. A high-tech device, design and comfort, awaiting approval, with distribution expected from the second half of 2016. On the AWP side, instead, Enada is the opportunity to show the latest among the NOVOSTAR, the X45, but also the OCTO GAMES family (Lord of Dragons, Pharaoh's Night and Royal Towers), together with the Elsy games, Fantastic 80's and Seven Wonders, as well as the appreciated Artis and Lotus 3D cabinets.

The focus on supply chain is declined with the concessionaire ADMIRAL GAMING NETWORK, increasingly oriented to improve services to exhibitors, and the dedicated VLT arcade. The ADMIRALYES brand offer to the players 5 vertical gaming sites in desktop and mobile version. The 150 ADMIRAL CLUB arcade in Italy are the most important showcase of NOVOMATIC know-how gained in casinos and VLTs hall around the world, with particular attention to customers in terms of offer, but also of legal obligations. Finally, ADMIRAL PAY is the newest of the services offered to businesses to allow a wide range of payments (telephone top-ups, payment of bills, car tax, online gaming accounts and more).

The newly established Group company entirely dedicated to sports betting, designed for the crucial junction of the 2016 tender and the possible opening of new agencies throughout the country. The proposal is a new retail model in product content, which guarantees the merchant’s membership in the network, such as the gaming products of the NOVOMATIC group: sports betting and horse racing, slots, video lotteries, ADMIRAL PAY, online gaming and virtual games. MILLENNIUM becomes the only counterpart for all gaming products and not with the plus of a software system developed with the partner BGT. Finally, it also marketed the ADMIRAL ROULETTE, a game system previewed in London ICE, of complete Italian design. Customers in a gaming arcade will be able to connect live to a real casino (the connection with Campione is already active), through the use of the online gaming platform ADMIRAL. Each player with a game account, which can be activated in the same arcade, can play through a dedicated app downloadable on their mobile device.

WE CARE TO BE FAIR - The maximum protection of players is one of the priorities for a multinational company that decides to operate in the gaming market and not just a legal obligation. Translating the important experience NOVOMATIC AG is also operating in Italy a vast and complex project of Responsible Gaming that touches the group at 360 °. These are the main guidelines: external communication, both institutional and product, not only compliant to legal obligations, but based on the highest degree of accountability; the deep sharing throughout the Group of  Corporate Responsibility (CR) projects; the supply chain training, from operators to the employees of each single Admiral arcade, through all managers and employees in Italy.

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