The legend of Niki Lauda in Genoa for "The Gold Rush"

Corporate Responsibility -

On Thursday 30 May, starting at 6.30 pm, the prestigious Admiral Bingo Miramare  will host a special event with a Special Guest of excellence: Niki Lauda.

The legend of world motoring will further adorn the location, designed by the famous architect Coppedè over a century ago, in "The Gold Rush", an evening event in which enthusiasm, sport and fun will be the basic ingredients for the celebration of the seven-year anniversary of the Vlts arcade.

After hosting illustrious personalities and royalty from all over Europe, the building, inaugurated in 1908, once home to the Hotel Miramare, will host the Brand Ambassador of the NOVOMATIC group. Niki Lauda will represent the company as always happens in important occasions and key moments for the Group in the world. The Formula 1 champion, the "computer" with its inseparable red and gold cap, will be the guest of the Admiral Bingo for the first time.

The gaming hall, which has been part of the large NOVOMATIC family since 1 May 2010, has enhanced the many services offered to its customers: from the simple bar to the most sophisticated catering, the services of the Admiral Miramare are available at any time of the day and are able to meet all customer requirements.

On the large panoramic terrace of the Genovese palace, it is also possible to admire the entire gulf from the old port to the historic center up to the famous Lantern, symbol of the city.

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