The first NOVOHEALTH day for NOVOMATIC Italia

Corporate Responsibility -

Taking care of ourselves, focusing on more balanced lifestyles, physical exercise, the importance of spending time outdoors: in a word, NOVOHEALTH. A healthy break from the working day with physical wellbeing in mind. These are the ideas which inspired NOVOMATIC Italia to launch a day-long blood donation drive at the Rome headquarters on 18 December 2018: the first NOVOHEALTH event in Italy.

The event is part of a wider range of Corporate Responsibility projects which the NOVOMATIC Group is running worldwide to foster core values among its employees, including helping them to take care of themselves and teaching them the importance of healthy, responsible habits to adopt. This was twice as meaningful for the NOVOMATIC Italia colleagues, as it enabled them to look after their own health, as well as show support for other people.

Setting up a comfortable blood donation point opposite the offices, overseen by the EMA Roma association, a charity which coordinates blood donation in and around Rome, proved extremely popular not only with colleagues, but also with other companies that share its headquarters on Rome’s Via Amsterdam.

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