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The book "Gioco Pubblico e Raccordi Normativi" was presented today in Rome.

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At Palazzo Rospigliosi, with Cristian De Sica and several guests, the debate on the State reserve in matters of legal gambling and the requests for greater powers from local authorities.

ROME,  Presented this morning at Palazzo Rospigliosi in Rome, the volume "Gioco pubblico e raccordi normativi" at the presence of Christian De Sica and numerous guests, including Simona Izzo and Remo Girone; moderated by Eleonora Daniele.

"Dad was a inveterate player, among the ten most hardened in the world - said the famous actor Christian De Sica to the audience - I learned from observing my father who lost his head in front of the game. One day I had a fever and when I asked him to leave to rest he said: it's full of sofas. I was the young son of a player and I think it's important to fight and prevent potentially harmful behavior". "This book is not only about a passage that can be crucial for the survival of the game world and of which the legislator will have to take charge - explained the NOVOMATIC Italia Chairman, Ing. Franco Sergio Rota - "It was born about a year ago from the debate that now awaits the Conference State Regions and that must find a difficult, but possible mediation". It is not the only book that we have sponsored. We believe that it is essential to commit ourselves to provide objective information on our sector - commented Massimo Ruta, NOVOMATIC Italia CEO - The first step in the construction of a culture of the game that is now a crucial step and necessary to avoid risk, as clarified by the Monopoly of States director Aronica in his speech that the games are kept at a distance". Among the guests in the stalls also Dr. Gianni Letta who explained how the game "there are too many prejudices and it is important to bring the information in the right direction, to avoid wrong behavior".

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