NOVOMATIC Italia with Humana for the recycling of used clothes

Corporate Responsibility -

As a part of the CR initiatives, NOVOMATIC Italia welcomed with interest the proposal to make a collection of used clothing with the collaboration of its employees, in the three main offices in Rome, Rimini and Busto Arsizio. The intention is to raise awareness among all colleagues on the issues of recycling and reuse, engaging employees in a joint project, aimed at spreading good practices of the circular economy. The initiative is part of a larger project called 3C: cultivating the climate and the community, created in collaboration with Humana People to People Italia, a humanitarian organization that works with the aim of implementing development and social inclusion projects in the South of the World, such as education and training courses, support to agriculture as a mean of livelihood, programs to help children and prevention on the spread of infectious diseases, carrying out also awareness actions in Italy, financing its activities also through the collection and utilization of old clothes.

The Ecoboxes have been placed in the three locations, cardboard boxes designed to hold the clothes donated by employees, which will be distributed to the people in Africa: a small act that contains big solidarity. At the end of the project, the Ecoboxes will be returned to Humana, who will take care of weighing them and calculating the savings in CO2 emissions obtained thanks to the recycling of the clothes and their distribution in Africa. NOVOMATIC Italia, in addition to paying the amount in euros of the weight of the clothes, also participates in this important initiative by donating uniforms with old company logos and various t-shirts, now unusable after the entry into force of the so called Dignity Decree (a law which forbids all kind of advertisement of gaming activities).

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