NOVOMATIC Italia announces the new Governance - The focus is on technological innovation, retail development and a team of skilled professionals.

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After the holiday season, looking to the future and hoping for positive evolution for the reopening of gaming locations after the persistent lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the new Board of Directors of NOVOMATIC Italia looks into the future and introduces a new growth path, prepared and strategically based on the significant history of the Group in Italy, but also on the experience gained in 2020.

In view of the recently announcement of the new composition of the Italian Board, composed of personalities already established within the Group, whohave profound knowledge of the sector in our country, CEO Dr. Markus Buechele is very satisfied with the new organisation. Buechele says: "After a consolidation phase, we are preparing our Group for further growth. With an industrial shareholder, we can perfectly approach in a long-term view on business development also in the Italian gaming market. Growth also means technological development of our systems and products to underline our leading market position. Our customers are our focus and with NOVOMATIC products and services, we want to offer them superior gaming equipment. For the future challenges I can count on a very skilled and motivated team and can confirm that the NOVOMATIC family, of more than 2,600 colleagues, is ready to grow”.

The CEO's words are supported by the comment of the President, Franco Sergio Rota, founder of the Group in Italy, who believed in an important project to be expanded in the country 14 years ago: "I imagined a Group that would be truly active on all fronts in the Italian gaming sector, leading in innovation and quality, following the example of the Austrian headquarters. Therefore I have the honor of representing NOVOMATIC in a new phase, which extends and enhances even more all the characteristics of excellence expressed until today”.

This includes the great commitment and leadership always shown in retail gaming. The Group's Chief Operating Officer, Karl Plank, hopes to expand and grow in this area as well: "I have always believed that a company's presence on the territory is the most important and most valuable asset, because it makes everyone's work concrete. Our gaming halls are and will remain - a jewel in the Italian gaming scene. In recent months, we have grown and acquired new locations, all this despite the closures, despite the pandemic, because we believe in our work and we aim to continue to offer safe and responsible entertainment in Italy, with attention to every detail. In addition, I will be responsible for developing our business unit dedicated to the AWP, both in terms of production and sales, as well as game development".

As a supplier of technology, services and a global range of products, NOVOMATIC Italia's management is ready to carry forward a consolidated approach. That of being able to deal with every eventuality by referring to people and strategic functions organized to respond efficiently to the challenges of the market and the evolution of the industry.

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