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TOP 5 Nairobi

Game Facts

Lines: 5-10-15
Reels: 5
Bet: 25 cent. 50 cent. 1 euro 2 euro 3 euro
Monitor: 19 pollici 22 pollici
Payout: 65%
Game Producer: NOVOELSY

TOP 5 Nairobi

TOP 5 Nairobi promises to the market a new gaming experience. Thanks to four new titles, exclusive to this multigame, accompanied by the Italian best-seller Ulysse, NOVOELSY produces a title destined to warm up next season thanks to the rays of the African sun. 5, 10 or 15 the game lines of the titles that make up this mix where you can meet white-collar, circus, heroes, pirates and gourmet grannies. An assorted mash-up of genres characterizes the TOP 5 Nairobi that presents titles that are never trivial, offering excellent performance and exceptional re-playability.

Available on most cabinets of the Italian market!


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