TOP 7 Rio

Game Facts

Lines: 5-10-15
Reels: 5
Bet: 25 cent. 50 cent. 1 euro 2 euro 3 euro
Monitor: 19 pollici 22 pollici
Payout: 65%
Game Producer: NOVOELSY

TOP 7 Rio

The exotic atmospheres and frenetic rhythms of the Brazilian carnival are the leitmotif of the exclusive TOP 7 Rio: the first multigame of 2021 that inaugurates the new NOVOELSY production.

The re-branding launched in the last few weeks, which led to the creation of the NOVOELSY brand, leads to the signing of this new multigame that presents itself as a perfect alchemy of best-selling titles and proposals of sure appeal, all united by the determination and variety of colors that evoke the famous carnival of Rio De Janeiro, to which the name of this multigame is dedicated.

In fact we find games inspired by Greek-Roman mythology such as the historical title Ulysses, a real guarantee in terms of performance, flanked by Herakles, dedicated to the mighty demigod. While flying to the Americas, we cross space and time thanks to New Orlean, Gold Creek and Los Muertos, set respectively in the jazz clubs of the West Coast, in the era of the gold rush and finally in the Mexican festival dedicated to the calaveras. In TOP 7 Rio there is also room for esotericism and magic, thanks to the Middle Ages of wizards and knights in Crystal Sky and the lucky symbols of the Chinese calendar featured in Cat's Fortune.

Available on most cabinets on the Italian market!



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