The NOVOCASH Small allows for changing coins, banknotes and vice versa. With its reduced size, it is perfectly adapted for use at sites such as bars and small slot machine halls.

AN INNOVATIVE AND COMPETITIVE PRODUCT Technology and components are based on fashioning a practical and functional structure with an elegant design.   

EACH CHARACTERISTIC IS A POINT OF STRENGTH The considerable security of NOVOCASH Small is proven by the thickness of the plate and of the new triple locks able to ensure closure of the main hatch with 7 anchoring points. The double locking system guarantees greater protection. The recycling reader guarantees greater autonomy of change in banknotes, reducing refilling activities by the manager. It is possible to use it with 2 programmable hoppers of equal or differing values.

Quality details:

  • 2 X5 CC-TALK hoppers with extension and register
  • 3 X5 CC-TALK hoppers with extension
  • 1 iPRO reader by JCM
  • CPU CC-TALK card
  • 4x20 LCD
  • F2 validation system


  • Management by remote control
  • Safety kit for fixing to the wall
  • Operator access control by bluetooth
  • Customisation Software
  • Updating and/or configuration by PC, and installation with USB key
  • Customisable graphics (only for quantities)

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