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Top features

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Top-quality details

  • 2 x 19” LCD monitors or 1 x 19” LCD monitor with upper screen print
  • Supply unit maintenance from outside the cabinet
  • Button maintenance without opening the cabinet door
  • Manual refill without opening cabinet door
  • Kit for electric lock provided
  • Can accommodate 2 Compact and Cd Midi-Maxi hoppers
  • Top and panel with blue Led lighting
  • Door with safety lock with 4 fastening points
  • Compact and sturdy structure
  • Ready for Barcode reader
  • Personalized logos

Complete range of optionals

  • Led Ufo tower
  • Alarm System
  • Spacers

Game boards

  • Complete line of type-approved NOVOSTAR X and Elsy game boards and all the main games on the Italian market


More Multigames


Contatti & Top Cabinet (Sticky Menü)

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