Top 7 Crystal

A new Elsy gamemix that combines great classics and esotericism.

Game Facts

Bet: 25 cent. 50 cent. 100 cent. 200 cent. 3 euro
Monitor: 19 pollici 22 pollici
Payout: 65%

Top 7 Crystal

Top 7 Crystal is a new gamemix produced by Elsy that balances the gaming experience by alternating the offer between great classics, such as Ulisse and Fruits'N Bells, and new titles that share a mystical atmosphere, such as: Ghost Quest, La Gitana, Magic Woods, Mayan Stone and New Orlean. From the Aztec pyramids to the Mediterranean of heroes time, up to the best jazz clubs in the USA, all in one game board. 


  • Fruits'N Bells
  • Ghost Quest
  • La Gitana
  • Magic Woods
  • Mayan Stones
  • New Orlean
  • Ulisse
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